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American Board of Obesity Medicine - Certified Diplomate

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Cardinal Medical Weight Loss Center, Woodbridge VA

Over two thirds of Americans are overweight or obese. Obesity is associated with many chronic conditions including Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Elevated Cholesterol and Sleep Apnea. Over many years of practicing Internal Medicine, Dr. Amir Alemzadeh and Dr. Nazanin Alemzadeh developed special interest in providing care for overweight and obese patients. In addition both Dr. Amir Alemzadeh and Dr. Nazanin Alemzadeh are one of the few physicians certified by the American Board of Obesity Medicine, practicing weight loss medicine by the high standards set by this Board.

The medical weight loss doctors at Cardinal Medical Weight Loss Center develop a caring and personalized weight loss program just for you – and supervise your weight loss to ensure your safety and success.

Losing weight is associated with improved energy level, decreased risk of heart disease, decreased risk of cancer, and decrease or elimination of medications needed to treat chronic conditions associated with obesity.